British English School

An unique idal Co-educational English Medium school located in the holy land of education and Birth Place of lord Budha, situated in pollution free, serene atmosphere away from the hustle-bustle of cities

School offers:

  • Well experienced, highly qualified and dedicated group of teachers to take care of children.• Well experienced, highly qualified and dedicated group of teachers to take care of children.
  • Well equipped laboratories and rich library.
  • Individual attention to weak students conducting special coaching classes.
  • Guidance and counseling for career development. Well maintained game field.
  • School and play ground within compact well fenced area.

We heartily welcome you to British English School, a co-educational, English medium school under C.B.S.E curriculum, New Delhi, As a matter of fact, it is a temple of learning where true community spirit is fostered along with excellence in all round education of students. This school completely devotes at the promotion, improvement and betterment of those whose are earnestly in pursuit of guidance. To meet the long awaited desire of learners BRITISH ENGLISH SCHOOL has come forward in this land of education popularly known.


  • This institution aim to inculcate high moral values, true secular outlook and shapes the carriers of younger. It emphasizes national integration through promotion of peace, communal harmony and justice.
  • The school aims to provide the possible educational opportunities specially to the meritorious students of weaker sections of society by enrolling them giving encouragement as day scholars at nominal charges.
  • To encourage each and every students to develop his/her own potential to discover his/her strengths and weakness and to learn to choose the right line of action for a free and progressive life.
  • To lay the basic foundation of its students to reach high levels of competence in their chosen profession, after leaving school and to make them enable to serve the society to the best of their ability.
  • To develop qualities for vivid thinking, right doing and understanding in proper perspective, history, culture, social values and their creation to the advancing science and technology of to day. The school strives to infuse healthy attitudes in each individual, so that he/she may understand and cultivates qualities of moral perception aesthetic sensibility, dignity of labour and creative venture.
  • To make each and every child learn to take an interest in the world in which he/she lives an foster in him human qualities of head and heart that will make him a good human being and a progressive citizen.
  • The school is aware of individual differences in ability and interest. The school tries to provide many avenues of study to suit the specific interest of each child. Success develops confidence to face life securely. It is because of this reason to be strive towards all round development of each child through all possible measures.

We at British English School, endeavor while retaining enriching traditions, to open up new vistas for a purposeful educational system that we will set in motion the much desired social, economic and cultural revolution. Instead our objective is to identify the basic problems, to enlighten, to encourage and to foster in the child intellectual integrity


This school is located at village –Gere, P.O- Manpur, P.S- Mufassil, Gaya the holy land of education its environment is free from the Din and Bustle of the city.

Media of Teaching:

All round development

We endeavor to adopt new methods of teaching and make the students communicate freely with ur on all subjects. British English School is an institution that encourages community living in which teachers are friends and feel pleasure in giving them parental love

The media of instruction is English with equal emphasis on proficiency in Hindi. Our goal is to stimulate participation in cultural and intellectual endeavors towards development of the whole individual. British English School is a place, where living, learning, speaking and socializing are merged into one, providing maximum exposure for contact and interaction between the students and the latest skill of learning.

British English School is a colorful hermitage, a true synthesis of Indian heritage and western ideas. There we don’t shape managers of the future but aim at making complete individuals.

Salient features of the complex :

  • Self – discipline in a homely and affectionate environment.
  • Excellence through self motivation.
  • Computer education.
  • Comprehensive coaching for slow learners.
  • Special guidance for the gifted children.
  • Music, Painting, Debate, Essay, Quiz Competition, Social Service, Yoga, Gardening, Games, P.T. and Pray are greatly encouraged.

Personal File

This school includes in its routine, a separate file for every students right since the date of his/her admission. It starts with the admission test performance and include the students’ academic and co-curricular achievements, his/her discipline, Principal’s and teacher’s remark, guardian’s correspondence, medical history and all the details concerning the students.

Dynamic Curriculum

A curriculum is an intensive plan for the total learning experience (both formal and informal) provided by the school for the education df children. The school lays equal emphasis on academic and co-curricular activities because both are complementary to each other in the personality development of child.

In the junior classes more emphasis is given on the teaching skills of English, Hindi and Mathematics to promote expression and interpretive skills in order to lay sound and strong foundation for advance learning.

The school has adopted the CBSE syllabus to serve best the academic interest of the students up to +2 levels.

Admission and Withdrawal

  • The minimum age of admission to class I is 5+ years on the 1st of April of the year of the admission to school. The age for the higher classes will be computed correspondingly.
  • Admission is open to Boys and girls in class I to VIII.
  • Parents and Guardians desiring admission for their wards should obtained the prospectus from the school’s office on payment if Rs. 250.
  • In case of new admission a written test in mathematics, English and Hindi for an hour each will have to be taken. An interview will also be conducted to as ascertain the class to which admission be granted.
    The school reserves the rights to admit or reject any students without assigning any reason. The decision to the principal will be final.
    Admissions are made on the basis of merit of candidates and of the discretion of the principal.
  • A certificate of the child’s date of birth, transfer certificate must be attached with the application form. The birth certificate either from the municipal corporation or from a recognized institution only be honored.
  • English is the media of instruction right from the beginning.
  • Hindi is also talked.


  • The management reserves the right to ask for the withdrawal to any student who has proved immune to correction. Hence president and habitual cases of dishonesty, immorality, use of bad language, etc. the case of continuous sickness.
  • Parents desiring to withdraw their ward of their own, accord shall have to give three months notices in advance.
  • In case of desertion the students will in no case be allowed to be a boarder or day scholar. His name will be treated struck off from the school admission register.
  • Library

    The school has well stocked library staffed adequately to keep the library in order and to guide students during their library periods to make use of library and also to advice and instruct regarding research and reference. To meet the academic needs of the students, library has large collection of books on a variety of academic and general subjects. The school also subscribes to server newspapers, periodicals and magazines to encourage student to keep abreast of current affairs, A library period for each class in incorporated in to the weekly time table to promote the habit to self study.


    The school is concerned about its wards health and participation in health promoting activities. A qualified staff keeps the record of children’s health.

    Physical Education

    Physical Education promotes health and personality, physical education includes team games, Athletic, Yoga and indoor Games etc. By Participating in Physical Education activities, a child satisfies not only his inner urge to expand his energies but develops his personality also. A further growth implies physical skill, grace team work, emotional compassion , intellectual ability, gift and determination. Participation in physical education programmers is compulsory. Our teachers prefer to play with the students in routine. Matches are normally organized, teachers vs student at least once in a week. This help to control untoward happenings during play ro the physical education period.

    Medical Care

    A Child Specialist doctor visits the school to look after the health and hygiene of the students who require further care and treatment are taken as per advice of the school’s doctor.

    Suggestion Book

    Appropriate action is guaranteed to overcome the problems.

    Tours and Excursions

    Educational tours and excursions which are of great educational value are generally organized by the school during holidays..


    The school has already managed buses by outsourcing to get the students well in time to the premises. Children are picked up from the radius of 3 K.M.


    Any activity which is socially acceptable, Capable of evoking voluntary participation is enjoyable and contributes to the building of personality fall into the realm of recreation.

    The school provides facilities for leisure time activities like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Badminton etc.


    The school organize and encourages healthy competitive participation within the school and outside by a variety of activities such as sports, games, debates, essay writing, drama, painting and declamation contest. This fosters a sprit of fair play and loyality.

    In play situations students learn to be humble in victory and courageous and bold in defeat. They may lose a match but they lean the meaning of sportsmanship and team work.

    Rules and regulation

    • It will be obligatory for the pupils and parents to abide by the school rules in all respects, and any ones that come into force time to time.
    • The school shall remain indemnified against all claims arising due to illness or any other accident.
    • In the event the child is being withdrawn from the school, the fees paid to the school shall not be refunded in any case.
    • School fee will be deposited by parent latest by 10th of every month. After that an amount of Rs. 5/- for each day will be taken as fine.
    • No deduction is made in school fee due to absence of student. No transfer / school leaving certificate will be issued until the school dues are paid in full.
    • Annual charges and library fees are to be charged annually